Do you really know Dual action car polisher


1.What is the Dual Action Car Polisher?

Dual-action polishers are characterized by the motion of the head. It spins on a central spindle, and this spindle rotates around an eccentric offset. A good metaphor for a dual action polisher is the earth’s orbit. The earth itself spins and it also orbits around the sun. The Dual Action Polisher cleans, polishes, and waxes with a motion like that of the human hand-only at super-human speed! A result is a machine that is completely stable, with no tendency to “run away” from the operator. The smooth,hand-like action safeguards against surface damage.

2.Why choose Dual Action Car Polishers?

Dual-action polishers will improve the texture and luster of automotive paint with virtually no risk. They are the most user-friendly option for beginners and professionals, and they consistently produce beautiful results. They can bring you fun when detailing, and help you save time and money. D/A Polisher is a versatile machine. Can be used for cleaning, polishing, and applying waxes, final finishing at a different speed.


3.How does Dual Action Car Polishers work?

Dual Action Polisher orbits the pad around a center spindle while the pad freely spins on its own axis.
A counterweight on the opposite side of the center spindle dampens vibration for smooth operation. The machine head action called orbital prevents the creation of holograms (symmetrical buffing marks), paint burns, and other forms of paint damage often associated with high-speed rotary polishers and buffing machines. Dual Action Polisher eliminates the possibility of paint damage. They are very friendly for users.

Post time: Sep-16-2020