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The Nebraska wrestling team announced the 2021 schedule. The fleet will hold three appointments and conduct three activities. In these six games, the Nutshell team will face nine double opponents. All opponents are the top ten enemies.
Six of Nebraska’s nine opponents were ranked in the original NWCA coaching poll. Nebraska will be ranked fifth at the beginning of the season.
Nebraska started this season a year ago. After defeating the Golden Gophers 29-12 last season, the Nutshell team will host the 13th game in Minnesota, starting the season on Friday, January 8. Nebraska ended the year with 11 wins and 3 losses in a double-service game a year ago, and a six-game winning streak.
On Friday, January 15, Nebraska hit the road for the first time, heading to Iowa, the highest ranked state. Nebraska will face the severe test of a team that is almost intact with last year’s undefeated lineup. Iowa won the 2020 Top Ten Championship as a team, while Nebraska won a distant second place. Iowa beat Nebraska 26-6 last season.
On Saturday, January 23, Nebraska will hold the Maryland and Northwest 23rd races in Devaney, Maryland. Nebraska did not wrestle with any team twice last season.
Nebraska will play the 19th final with Wisconsin on Sunday, January 31. Last season, the Nutshell team fell to the team 25-18 and started the top ten double play.
Nebraska then went to participate in the Quartet competition in Indiana on Saturday, February 6. The team will face Indiana and Michigan State University No. 21 and Rutgers University No. 15. Last season, Nebraska beat Indiana 35-6 and Michigan State University 25-12. Last season, NU did not face Rutgers in a doubles match.
On Sunday, February 21, Nebraska will end the regular season with a journey to face Illinois, and a Nebraska team did not face it a year ago.
One observation I made from the calendar is that Nebraska has one of the easiest paths in meetings. It’s as easy as entering the top ten companies. Nebraska will fight Iowa first, but the Huskies avoid Pennsylvania State University second, Michigan third, Ohio seventh and Purdue 16th. I think it’s a gift from the scheduler. Nebraska should be favored to defeat all opponents except the Hawkeyes.
Please pay close attention to this week’s conversation with head coach Mark Manning and a more in-depth analysis of Nebraska’s schedule and opponents.

Post time: Jan-07-2021