In-depth review: Chemist BUF Porter Cable 7424XP Detailed Kit (2020)

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If you haven’t detailed any tools and products required for your vehicle, this complete bundle is a good detailed starter kit. The polisher does a good job, but the real winners are the mats and high-quality cleaning products (just don’t expect too many).
If you purchase a product through one of our links, TheDrive and its partners may receive a commission. read more.
If you do not have the right equipment and cleaning supplies, it may be difficult to know what you really need to polish your vehicle well. Because different tools and products provide different results, many professionals have different arsenals of car details. Some people choose power tools, such as random orbital buffer/random orbital polisher with variable speed control, while others use simple heavy-duty foam pads that can solve the main vortex marks and achieve a vortex-free surface. Since for beginners, as long as they figure out what is effective for their needs and what is not for their needs, things will become complicated, so as the first step into the confusing but beneficial world of DIY car care, a A good car detail kit can go a long way.
Chemical Guys BUF Porter Cable 7424XP car beauty kit is a great help for first-time DIY car care enthusiasts and even semi-professionals. Comes with car polish, car cushion, microfiber towel and detergent/conditioner spray bottle, almost everything you need is packed in a box to get decent car details. However, with so much content, it is easy to expect the kit to be unbelievably good. Although there are some limitations, the kit actually does a good job of providing decent results and a good appearance after everything is done.
BUF Porter Cable 7424XP is definitely designed around versatility. When introducing ordinary cars in detail, the kit itself is equipped with almost anything you might need. If this is your first kit, you will also be pleasantly surprised at how thorough Chemical Guys chooses the different accessories that come with the polisher.
The polisher itself is the source of the main role in the kit. It is a double-acting machine polishing machine with an adjustable motor and a speed range of 2,500 to 6,800 revolutions per minute. The motor and spindle accept any 5.5-inch cushion, including cushion options not included in the kit itself. The design of the polisher is similar to other options on the market. It has a few points on the surface to grab, but it lacks the dedicated T-shaped or D-shaped handles that other options often provide. In addition to the polishing machine, the kit also comes with various mats and accessories.
The chemistry expert explained that the various mats are designed to match the typical course of the car detailing design process. You can use each pad in different stages to get the best results.
A few bottles of conditioner/cleaner and some microfiber towels complete the kit’s products. In short, in theory you should have all the details you need before putting on a layer of wax.
Although the attached machine polishing machine is small in size, it is actually very comfortable to use for a long time. There is enough surface area for gripping, making it easier for you to find a good grip to avoid hand fatigue when you work around the vehicle. Having said that, this design has several disadvantages. For example, the aforementioned lack of a handle may make it a bit awkward to manipulate and control the polisher in a narrow place. The speed knob is also close to one of the supporting hands. It is easy to bump when operating the polishing machine and increase the speed accidentally.
When the motor is running, it or the backplane generates very little heat. The vibration is also very small. At higher motor speeds, there will be more significant heat and vibration, but it is not difficult or uncomfortable to handle when using a polishing machine. One major disadvantage to be aware of is the level of noise emitted by the motor. Especially when driving at high speed, if you don’t want to leave a loud sensation in your ears afterwards, the noise is almost so loud that you need hearing protection.
Unlike most other polishing kits, the included polishing pads and other accessories are very impressive. Life wise, the included polishing pad will continue to use the details of at least two or more cars. The conditioner and cleanser bottles have a fair amount of cleansing liquid, but they may run out faster than the pad itself. After a period of time, they are also easy to wash off the color of the mat.
The overall result of any machine polisher or car detail kit comes down to the quality of the products and technology used. As far as the 7424XP machine polisher is concerned, it is not only capable of handling light or medium dirt and debris, especially when combined with proper cleaning and polishing. Unfortunately, the included spray bottle cannot provide the same effects as more specialized cleaning, polishing and wax products.
It’s not that the spray is bad, it’s just that the polishing effect is barely noticeable at best. For example, cleaning solutions can hardly remove minor scratches, swirls, and other visual imperfections on the paint surface. However, they can indeed act as a good lubricant for polishing pads to reduce the friction it encounters on the surface.
In the end, actual polishing and/or waxing after good washing will achieve better results. Regardless of the cleaning agent you use, the cleaning pad itself is very suitable for normal applications. Follow the instructions in the kit, it is easy to get a good gloss and a good wax protection layer, and quickly switch between different pads. At higher motor speeds, the pad can remove the most obvious marks and eddies, although smaller micro eddies can present challenges.
Finally, there is nothing to say about the other accessories in the kit. Microfiber towels are suitable for removing excess polish or wax, pre-washing the car or keeping hands clean during the entire process. Eventually, the life of the mats and towels will be exhausted, which means you will replace them at some point in the future.
The Chemical Guys 7424XP detailed drawing kit is one of the few polishing kits that can fulfill most of its promises. Although there are some limitations with higher motor speeds and accompanying cleaning solutions, both the machine polisher itself and the polishing pad can provide excellent results with the right compound. Most importantly, the value of this kit makes it a good entry-level option to consider when buying for the first time.
The final conclusion: As long as you are looking for polishing agents elsewhere, the Chemical Guys 7424XP detailing kit can provide a lot of value and good results.
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