This $7 car wash glove erased my fear of DIY car wash

I take pride in being a car enthusiast, he cares more about the performance of my car than the appearance. The motivation for washing and maintaining the details of the car is only there-enough to avoid embarrassment when I enter the parking lot or go to parties, but this is just barely. For many years, I said to myself that adding $10 to the fuel pump and passing my car through some brutal automatic cleaning tunnels is enough.
I am deceiving myself. Now, I can happily wash the car correctly in about 15 minutes, and I can never go back.
Chemical Guy Chenille Advanced Non-Scratch Microfiber Gloves, Blue, Model:
My secret is simple: Chenille washes gloves. You can buy one with the automotive department anywhere for less than $10, but I prefer this $7 Chemical Guys model because it has no scratches, is cheap, has the highest rating and is blue. It measures 12 x 9 inches and can fit in crazy soapy water.
Of course, the reason I like it has nothing to do with these features. When I try to press the sponge or rag into all the grooves and corners of the car and wheels, I don’t have to hold the sponge or rag. When cleaning gloves, I can avoid fatigue, because the “claws” will fatigue my joints and protect the knuckles from brake parts and other sharp metal shavings near the area to be cleaned.
In a hurry, I can grab hand-washing gloves, fill the bucket with water and some high-quality car soap (I prefer Meguiar’s Gold Class), and then wash the car with soap in just eight minutes. I usually don’t bother to dry my car, but just in case, I have a dry towel on hand.
Again, I don’t have enough pressure to motivate myself, but cheap car wash gloves make my trivial car wash bearable.

Post time: Apr-22-2021