What’s the difference between dual action polisher and rotary polisher

What’s the difference between dual action polisher and rotary polisher?
When it comes to choosing a machine polisher, one of the most frequent questions our customers ask us is: “What is the difference between a dual-action polisher and a rotary polisher?” It’s a very good question and for those just starting out with a machine polisher, the answer is very important!


Rotary Polisher is the oldest in its class, before came out of the new dual-action, we only had this type of polisher. Rotary polishers are very straightforward – the head spins only one way no matter how much you press it down onto your car paint, it will continue to spin at the speed selected. It also spins in a constant orbit, creating a more aggressive cut but generating more heat. A rotary polisher will require you to have more experience, you have to move the polisher manually and you need to know how fast to move the machine across the paint. The rotary polisher is more aggressive, so it will correct deeper scratches and paint imperfections, only if used correctly.

Dual Action Polisher (or DA Polisher as it’s more commonly shortened to) was a revolutionary creation. It spins in 2 different ways: the head spins in a concentric circular action on a spindle which in turn spins in a wider circulating motion, therefore distributing the heat to a larger area, prevents excess heat and friction build-up, making it much safer to your car. As a consequence, you are able to leave this polisher spinning on one single spot and prevent it from burning your paint. This makes a DA the perfect choice for the amateur enthusiast looking to keep the car looking ‘tip top’ but without the worry of a potential re-spray!

Post time: Sep-16-2020