Which one is the right polishing machine for you

Which one is the right polishing machine for you?

Nowadays, there are so many brands of polishing machines in the market, but they normally can be divided into three kinds, which are rotary polisher, dual-action polisher, and forced rotation da polisher.

A rotary polisher is a polishing machine that uses only 1 type of motion to create a polishing effect. It is very good at cutting, works quickly, but also requires much more experience and knowledge to use properly.

A dual action polisher uses a circular motion combined with a spinning motion to create a rational double action. This motion is useful when polishing a surface by machine. The dual action polisher is famed for being easy to work with, making it ideal for beginners.

A forced rotation polisher is the combination of the rotary and dual-action features.
It is also a dual action polisher, spinning in different orbits, therefore distributing more of the heat across the paint, making it safer than a rotary polisher. But it won’t stop spinning no matter the downforce you use compared to a dual-action polisher. All in all, the forced rotation offers a better cutting action compared to the DA, but a safer auto detailing compared to the rotary.


Choose a Dual Action Polisher if:
1.You are new to machine polishing;
2.You want something that is easy to use;
3.You want to take a few swirls and light scratches out of your paintwork;
4.You only take care of your own car or your family’s cars;
5.You are looking for a safe, but more powerful car polisher;
6.You want to use it regularly to maintain your paintwork;
7.You want to start a part-time or full-time detailing business;
8.You are looking for a tool to ensure a swirl-free finish;
9.Boats/RV or airplane owners are looking for a better, faster, and safer way to maintain their boats/RVs/airplanes.

Choose a Forced Rotation DA Polisher if:
1.You are looking for a safe, but more powerful polisher;
2.You are new to machine polishing but able to learn quickly;
3.You have used dual action polishers and are ready for the next step;
4.You want the results achievable from a rotary with all the safety of a DA!


Choose a Rotary Polisher if:
1.You have serious paintwork blemishes you really want to remove;
2.You have some time to get to grips with the way the machine works;
3.You have a detailing business that wants to add a more powerful tool;
4.You want to become a professional detailer;
5.You are an enthusiast that has mastered one or more of the other groups of tools and is now ready to move onto the rotary polisher.

Post time: Sep-16-2020